Minutes – January 2017
January 10, 2017
PRESENT: Janice Taraskas, President; Anne Marie Monte, Treasurer; Harold G. Trabold, Secretary; Dennis A. Smith, Executive Director; Thomas Ferb, Karen King, Jeanne Daal, Joel Furman, Richard Braile, Jr., and David Vigliotta.

PROXIES: Lorice Belmonte, Vice-President; and Adrian Fassett.

ABSENT: Brian Kearns and Michael Kelly.

GUESTS: Dexter Dibble and John Zaher

President, Janice Taraskas called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. She introduced Dexter Dibble who made a presentation on website services offered by his firm. He indicated that he could perform such services for the current cost that we have been paying.

Dexter Dibble's presentation was followed by a seperate presentation from John Zaher from PRMG who also provides website services.

The meeting resumed after the presentations. A discussion was held regarding the minutes and it was noted that the minutes should not include the details of the executive session discussion. The minutes as modified by deleting such references were approved on a motion of Thomas Ferb seconded by David Vigliotta.

A discussion ensued regarding the website and the presentations that had been made by the two potential providers. A motion of Karen King seconded by Jeanne Daal it was agreed to give Dexter Dibble's firm a trial of four (4) months for the period February through May providing he would agree to do it at the same rate of compensation that we had previously paid our previous provider.

Ann Marie Monte then presented the Treasurer's Report which showed expenditures of $14,702.69 for the month of December leaving a balance on hand of $59,496.79. A discussion ensued regarding the status of the budget and on motion of David Vigliotta seconded by Richard Braile, Jr., the Treasurer's Report was approved.

Rick then presented the Voucher Report and reported one addition to the Voucher Report of $80.00 to Tall Tree bringing the total amount to $5,399.00. On motion of Richard Braile, Jr. seconded by Jeanne Daal the Voucher Report was approved.

Dennis Smith then reported as Executive Director and indicated that the Christmas decorations had been removed on Main Street but reported that we needed to replace the Menorah at a approximate cost of $1,300.00. He indicated that we should inquire of the Chamber if they would be willing to underwrite that cost since the BID budget is so tight. There is a discount if the materials are ordered during the months of January and February. He indicated that the BID quote letters for the hanging baskets for next summer would be solicited by a letter going out this month. He also reported the work on Father Tortora Park was proceeding and the money was in hand. He also indicated that they had been approved for the New York State Grant and there was a lot of paperwork that still had to be done in the proceeding with the contracts necessary to implement the grant. He also reported that Mrs. Esposito had acknowledged the flowers sent on behalf of the Board on the death of her husband, former. Board member, Albert Esposito.

Under Quadrant Reports, Joel Furman inquired regarding snow plowing policies and in particular it was reported that Valentin does not work on Saturdays and therefore was not working at the time of the snow storm last week. It is not the policy of the BID to plow all sidewalks but in general to try to maintain the sidewalk clearing in front of vacant stores.

Under beautification David Vigliotta repeated Dennis Smith's report that the BID letters were going to go out this month. There was a discussion regarding the watering truck and that is still being researched.

The upcoming budget was discussed to the extent of scheduling a budget meeting for 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 31st at the Village Hall. With no other business to discuss on motion of Richard Braile, Jr. and seconded by David Vigliotta the meeting was adjourned at 5:24 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Harold G. Trabold, Secretary

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