About Patchogue Village

Patchogue Village is located on the south shore of Long Island approximately 50 miles east of New York City and 60 miles west of Montauk Point. The village fronts the Great South Bay of Long Island on its southern boundary. It can be reached by taking exit 63 south off of the Long Island Expressway or exit 52 south off of the Sunrise Highway, both North Ocean Avenue, leading into Patchogue Village’s “Famous Four Corners", which is the center of the village.

Patchogue Village was first settled in the mid 1600’s and became an incorporated village in 1893. At that time Patchogue grew because of its deep water river which supported commerce and development for not only Patchogue, but areas immediately surrounding Patchogue. In the mid 1800’s the Long Island Railroad became the principle driving force for commerce in and around Patchogue, with Patchogue for many decades being the last stop from New York City on the LIRR. Patchogue was known as the “Queen City” of the south shore of Long Island for over a century.

Patchogue today is still that charming village on the south shore of Long Island adjacent to the Great South Bay. New development, thriving retail and over forty restaurants and eateries compliment the 1200 seat Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts in our downtown.

♦ Patchogue Village is 2.2 square miles in total area
♦ Great South Bay Coastline
♦ Population of 12,900 citizens
♦ Median family income is $65,100
♦ Thriving Service Organizations (Including the Chamber and BID)
♦ Transportation hub (LIRR / S.C. Transit / Fire Isl. Ferries)
♦ Millions of Dollars in Investments (Commercial & Infrastructure)
♦ A Synagogue and Churches of many Denominations
♦ Newly Renovated Patchogue-Medford Library
♦ New YMCA (Opened September 2010)
♦ Two Colleges (St. Joseph’s and Briarcliffe)
♦ Suffolk County Police 5th Precinct
♦ Patchogue Fire Department and Ambulance Company